R.L. Andrew

A Demigoddess’ Guide to Interplanetary In-Laws

eBook, Paperback

Author: RL Andrew
Pages: 310
Language: English
Publisher: JaCol Publishing

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Shayne and Annu are back, more together, and yet farther apart, and have never been further from achieving their personal and godly goals let alone a date night. Finally knowing the identity of his father hasn’t helped Annu at all. Shayne’s personal demons return to haunt her in the most brutal forms, but this time as a consequence of Annu’s choices not hers. Shayne’s forced to face them, as well as Annu’s father, and bring her family back together, and back from Hell, literally. Learning their DNA does not define them may; however, it will lead to their greatest challenge yet. From Earth to Orion, from Earthlings to Aliens, Shane and Annu will travel the galaxy trying to avoid death.

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