K.D. Menzies

Dragons Wake III: Son of Ferus

eBook, Paperback

Author: K.D. Menzies
Pages: 278
Language: English
Publisher: Jacol Publishing Co.

The paperback edition of this book can be purchased direct below from JaCol Publishing or the ebook edition online through Amazon at this link. The author receives more profit when purchased direct from the publisher. USA sales only.


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Silicon Valley antique specialist, Aiden Ferris has lived his life in human form.

But his dragon form defines him.

A dragon’s nature can’t be changed.

He is bound to order and cannot lie.

Following clues sent by his wife from the void up on them will lead him to understand how she got there and what he needs to do to get her back.

Meanwhile, the power of the cabal in Olympus grows…

… and turns its attention to Aiden.

They will force him to choose between life and liberty on scale well beyond himself. His family, his friends, and his world will all be in the path of destruction.

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