Alie Summers

A String of Stars


Author: Alie Summers
Pages: 184
Language: English
Publisher: JaCol Publishing

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Arlo couldn’t speak for twelve years.

An untreated speech delay and an illegal neural implant suppressed emotion, memory, and left him unable to communicate. The implant’s deactivation left him confused and angry enough to ignite a revolution.

But all actions, especially Revolutionary ones, have consequences.

Ten months have passed since he took his stand against Commander Escher and Senator Persaud in book one. All of his ward mates form the 47th floor of Central Services, but one, have been taken for testing. Seb and the other leaders of the Resistance movement have been picked up off the streets, and Imma is still missing. With no one he can trust, he faces a test that pits friend against friend, freed mind against altered. Arlo must fight to determine not only his own fate, but those of Eidolon’s most vulnerable.

Left with only undesirable options, Arlo takes matters into his own hands.

Join Arlo as he battles both those in power and the darkest parts of himself in this fast-paced, second in series adventure.

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